Empulse Brake Servicing

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See page 56 et seq. of the [[Brammo Empulse Owner's Manual[1]]] for full instructions

Your Empulse is equipped with a front and rear hydraulic braking system. As the brake pads wear, the brake fluid levels will drop. A leak in either of the systems will also cause the le vel to drop.

Frequently inspect the systems to ensure there are no fluid leaks. Periodically inspect the brake flui d levels and the brake pads for wear. If the brake lever or brake pedal freeplay does not feel within the normal range while riding, check the brake pads for wear. Worn pads should be replaced. If the pads are not worn beyond the recommended limit, there is probably air in the brake system. See your Brammo Authorized Dealer to have the air bled from the system.

The recommended fluid is DOT 4 brake fluid. Be sure to read the label before opening the sealed container.

Fluid Level Inspection